FIFINE Gaming USB Microphone for PC PS5

$ 38

  • Thing Perspectives LxWxH : 6.93 x 7.05 x 3.78 inches
  • Thing Weight : 1.10 lbs
  • Thing model number : A6V
  • Model Name : AmpliGame
  • Network Progression : USB
  • Connector Type : USB
  • Functional Gadgets : PC, PS4, PS5, PC
  • Combination : Dull
  • Included Parts : USB to USB C Association (6.6 ft) X1, Metal Mount Stand X1, USB Mic with Adjusted Shock Mount and Pop Channel X1, Client Manual X1
  • Polar Model : Unidirectional
  • Acoustic Rule : Condenser
  • Quiet : Tap-to-quiet
  • Stand : Metal Mount
  • Connector : USB
  • Reasonable for : Gaming/On the web/YouTube Video/Talking
  • Distinct Pop Channel
  • Restricted Shock Mount
  • Movable Thumbscrew
  • Outrageous Mount Stand


It adds fair environment with light-up PC plans, setting you in the savage game field. Practical quiet button at the top is valuable to contact. Notwithstanding, when you base on the game, you can quickly quiet your mic. RGB Drove is off when the mic is quieted to let you know working status. Keep your rambling from misfortunes accomplished by neglecting to quiet mic. Cardioid condenser mouthpiece tenderly gets the front sound. Your mates can clearly hear your call paying little psyche to it is PS5 or PC gaming, working on it to get champion.

  • Absolutely coordinated gaming mic. Wrap variety can up your game further.
  • Pre-introduced shock mount suspends pounding; pop direct holds off plosives.
  • Act the personality of ideal for gamer with two-tone RGB, and lighthearted sound nature of being where it remembers the lows and clear for the highs.
  • Object free tap-to-quiet button; eye-finding quiet advice: lights off; simple to-stick real information level.
  • Condenser Mic with Quick Mute 
  • RGB Indicator 
  • Tripod Stand 
  • Pop Filter 
  • Shock Mount 
  • Gain Control for Streaming Discord Twitch Podcasts Videos- AmpliGame

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  • RGB and Speedy Quiet 

With bicolored lighting, RGB change seven combination modes are with practically no other individual in an inclination way.

  • Striking Voice Bliss 

Expected for speaker gamer, the inherent recipient holder offers clear and full sound. That will seem like your entire accomplices are playing near each other. 

  • Accommodating Use 

Gain handle at the base rushes to get to. Expecting game sound effects your voice, you can quickly change intensifier volume as opposed to yelling to your accomplices or chatting with a milder tone. Thumbscrew on shock mount assists you with moving the best streaming keep point a lot early, which licenses you to get a brilliant talking position during games or streaming.

  • Steady Groundwork 

The fitting and-play PC gaming enhancer is commonsense with PS4/4pro/5 work area and PC. You can rapidly enter game visit. 


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