ASUS ROG Strix Scope II 96 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

$ 180

96% arrangement 

Holds all limit and number keys in a more irrelevant and fit association that opens up work area space, with a development factor that is just 1 cm more prominent than a standard 80% control place

Tri-mode alliance 

Association point utilizing Bluetooth® (up to three gadgets), 2.4 GHz with ROG SpeedNova far off advancement (as long as 1500 hours of battery term) or wired USB

Hot-swappable switches 

Pre-lubed NX Snow direct switches and ROG NX Tempest clicky switches with walled stem expect to upgrade keystroke strength and are tuned for astounding acoustics

Sound-hosing froth with switch-hosing cushions 

Unprecedented, coordinated hosing froth with added switch-hosing cushion structure assimilates pinging disturbances and reverberations for extra made keystroke acoustics

Overhauled making experience 

Pre-lubed console stabilizers produce less crushing for smoother keystrokes and strength for longer keys; tough ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps or UV-covered ABS keycaps offer an unmatched energy and shine resistance*


F1-F5 keys are pre-changed as hotkeys for Xbox Game Bar and recording


  • Instinctual controls: Multi-limit button and multiwheel for media playback, volume, and control focus lighting
  • ROG Omni Beneficiary: Association point with different kept gadgets from a separation with a solitary finder
  • Momentous ROG-themed space bar: UV-covered spacebar with exceptional ROG markings and three underside RGB LEDs
  • Ergonomic game plan: Three tendency positions and a particular wrist rest


ROG Strix Degree II 96 Remote gaming console with tri-mode connection, beautification hotkeys, multifunction controls, hot-swappable pre-lubed ROG NX Snow and Tempest mechanical switches, ROG console stabilizers, PBT doubleshot keycaps and silicone hosing froth, three tendency centers, and wrist rest.


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