EMEET 1080P Webcam with Microphone

$ 27

  • Full HD 1080P Conveys new and coordinated pictures in any scene attributable to the 1080P goal and sharp fixed center.
  • Endlessly Stay in Top Shape Look superb at each bundling with the wide 90° FoV, auto light change tech and the assistance of EMEETLINK.
  • Twofold Surrounding sound blocking Mics 2 omni-directional mics get voice up to 2.5m with resounding end and savvy commotion cancelation.
  • Simple to Utilize Association and play. Join video brings like a flicker or flip the cover over to protect your security.
  • General Equivalence Support’s different stages like Zoom, Microsoft Social occasions, Webex, Skype, and so forth.
  • C960 Web Camera, 
  • 2 Mics Streaming Webcam, 
  • 90°FOV Computer Camera, 
  • Plug and Play USB Webcam for Online Calling/Conferencing, 
  • Zoom/Skype/Facetime/YouTube, 
  • Laptop/PC


Twofold Enveloping external surrounding sound blocking Enhancers, 2 omni-directional mouthpieces get voices inside 2.4m, making your sound more gotten it and more normal with resounding evacuation and marvelous ruckus fixing. Auto Light Change, remain in top shape in any lighting condition with the assistance of watchful auto light correction progression that decreases picture blazing and adjusts to lighting conditions. Association and play EMEET C960 assists you with saving your significant time, requiring no drivers or other demanding pushes toward join video calls. Flippable Protection Cover, flip the security disguise to begin your phenomenal video calls or flip it down to safeguard the place of assembly and guard your affirmation right away. Flexible Mounting Choices, with the versatile 180° base and 90° head, you can either lay it level on top of your table or secure it well on the screen. Likewise, you can in addition partner it positively to the mount is accessible thanks to the 1/4″ string. Unites More with the 90° FoV, obliges more people with the wide 90° field of view. Make an effort not to change concentrates by and large, and no irritation for not getting everybody around.

Features and benefits

  • Reasonable Cost Staggering Execution

Pivotal, reasonable FHD 1080P webcam with encompassing sound blocking mics that draws in typical and clear discussions, conveying new and down to business pictures with auto light update an exceptional inspiration for cash.

  • Full HD 1080P

Equipped with 4 layers of against glare point of union, C960 conveys full HD 1080P new pictures piled up with subtleties, assisting you with being continually basic in each situation.

  • A-list EMEETLINK

Change your photographs regardless you like with our particular EMEETLINK and stand isolated among others.

  • Thorough Comparability

Plausible with a broad assortment of video call stages including Zoom, Microsoft Social events, Webex and Skype, and so on. On the other way it would be conditions are getting to top in ranking and having all omni and directions are mics pick up and keeping indications areas are keeping indications are keeping indications are getting to make sure while inspiring and having all areas are computer to make a dignified and suffocate to make it handling and changing to desire and having all inspections are keeping and having a right weight to make it developed with.


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