Litwaro Desk Side Storage Organizer

$ 22

  • Chargers and Affiliations
  • Office Stuff
  • Distant Connectors
  • Home Achievement and Security
  • Network Ethernet Affiliations
  • Under Desk Laptop Holder Clamp on Desk Shelf 
  • No Drill Laptop Desk Mount with Magnetic Pen Holder 
  • Hanging Desk Organizer Fits Flat Edge Desk 0.4″ to 2″
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Multifunctional Workspace Organizer Under workspace PC plate not only game plans with a lot of untidiness issues before you, yet close to gives satisfactory room to store laptops, iPads, books, reports, beginning there, anything is possible. With the extra enchanting pen holder, you can usefully store pens, PDAs, scissors, rulers and other inconsequential standing workspace disrupt, so they are reliably reachable whenever you truly need them. Solid and Reliable Under workspace division are a lot of made and adequately ready to fit impeccably into most workspaces and can hold up to 22 lbs. Furthermore, our earphone holder is stackable, you can use the included headphone catch to stick to the side of your workspace or hang your PC pack on the wall. Heat Spreading Design Desk side facilitator features ventilation openings to ensure your PC stays cool, baffling any bet of overheating, so you can charge PC or tablet considerably more really without consuming workspace room.


  • Easy to Install

No exhausting required and no damage to your workspace. Litwaro snap on workspace facilitator coordinates a significant secure, you on a very basic level turn the handle to fix it on the edge of your workspace. Likewise, the conventional course of action of silicone pads and changed corners can clearly get your PC far from being harmed.

  • Fits Level Edge Workspace 0.4& # 34 2 & #34 

Under workspace limit fits most level edge workspaces, and the assist with padding inside the plate shields your things from scratches. Litwaro side workspace facilitator can be connected with workspace thickness of 0.4" to 2&#34.

  • Multifunctional working space

Multifunctional Workspace Organizer Under workspace PC plate not only plans with a lot of tumult issues before you, yet next to gives satisfactory space to store laptops, iPads, books, records, and that is just a sprinkle of something greater. With the extra engaging pen holder, you can amiably store pens, cells, scissors, rulers and other unimportant standing workspace embellishments, so they are constantly reachable whenever you truly need them.


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