Dell S3422DWG Curved Gaming Monitor – 34-inch WQHD (3440×1440) 1800R Curved Display

$ 387

  • Low information slack.
  • 144Hz revive rate.
  • Ultrawide plan.
  • CONS
  • Recognizable advancement dull and spreading.
  • No region diminishing part.
  • Diverting VRR flicker with changing edge rates.


The Dell S3422DWG is a 34-inch 1440p financial plan ultrawide gaming screen with a 1800R curve. As a gaming-centered screen, it has a 144Hz most unmistakable reestablish rate and FreeSync variable invigorate rate (VRR) backing to lessen screen tearing. It besides has some additional capability highlights, similar to PIP and PBP modes, and a USB 3.2 concentration with four USB-A ports, yet it doesn’t have USB-C. 

Our Decision 7.2 PC Gaming

The Dell S3422DWG is fair for PC gaming. Its 144Hz revive rate is good enough for most gamers, yet it isn’t ideally suited for huge gaming. It likewise has as of late alright reaction time as there’s observable obscurity and spreading with quick articles. It besides has diverting VRR shimmer with changing bundling rates, especially in dull scenes. Considering everything, it has ignorant slack for a responsive energy, and its ultra-wide design gives a lot of screen space to see a more conspicuous proportion of your game as quickly as time permits. Disregarding the way that it has a decent neighborhood division degree and extraordinary faint consistency, it misses the imprint on adjoining diminishing part to moreover cultivate the image quality in HDR besides.



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