VIBELITE Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

$ 17

  • Striking Gifts for Dad

If you are vexed in finding the things which fall some spot you cannot reach? Our pickup contraption is a remarkable instrument for you! It’s valuable and has a magnet to get things, uncommonly relaxing your reach to 22 inches.

  • Magnet Head and Base

The head and base are both have engaging surface, permitting you to steadily get things for any spots..

  • Foldable Game plan and Simple to Carry

Light weight, foldable course of action. The foldable stem can assist you with saving spot, and be not difficult to convey in your travel bag, pack, vehicle, essentially any place. It’s extraordinary dad’s day gift for your father.

  • Unbelievable &360° Adaptable Goose Neck

Embrace new Drove light turn of events, 3 really dazzling Drove bulbs. The 360-degree delicate neck can changes its level and centers, permitting you to position and shine light where you need it..

  • Multifunctional Use & Durable

Adopt military grade aluminum mix material which making them waterproof and shockproof. Versatile and ideal for setting up camp, drifting, fishing, and side of the road crises.

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Vibelite Extensible Light is a totally radiant thought, pocket plan that is at last valuable and critical. It’s not just a light, besides a magnet.The top of the light has a coordinated magnet. The strong magnets can lift objects looking up to 1kg. The light is simply 16.5cm long so you can without an entirely wonderful stretch fit it into your pack, glove compartment, sack, backpack or pocket. It is adaptable and can be relaxed to a staggering 22 inch; giving you this extra “life saving” reach when your keys fall through a cross segment into a sewer or you want to appear at critical under your significant parlor seat.

The bound space behind your radiators will eventually not be unavailable. Repairing your vehicle will end being such a ton less perplexing comprehension that you can appear at your contraptions, parts, screws or nuts that have tumbled down, without slithering under your vehicle.


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