Buy the Unique Loom Solo Collection Area Rug 2′ 2″ x 3′ 1″ Rectangle at Best Price

$ 30



Size of the Product : 2′ 2″ x 3′ 1″ Rectangle

Material of the Product : Polypropylene

Weight of the Product : 2.47 Pounds

Brand of the Product : Unique Loom

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Buy the Unique Loom Solo Collection Area Rug – Calabasas with the beautiful colour of the Navy Blue and it is made up from the high quality machine of the turkey. It is also very easy to clean and avoid using the beater bar. The material of the Solo Collection Area Rug is very soft and substantial. You can use this product even into your Bedroom, Dining room or living room. It plays a very important role in the decoration of your home.


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