Buy the Digital print multi colour lawn kurti at Best Price

$ 4


Fabric type : Cotton/Lawn

Neckline : Good detailing over the neckline

Print : Digital Print

Sleeves : Laces on the sleeves

Daman : Organza work on the daman

Size : XS to XL


Rs 1,050.00

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Here you can buy the digital print lawn kurti at the very best price which is multi-coloured and stitched in a very nice and accurate way. Color Digital Print Lawn Kurti also had a very good looking detailing over the neckline.

This Multi-Color Digital Print Lawn Kurti also had the laces on the sleeves and daman which makes the suit more attractive and a good choice for your next event. The stitching quality of the lawn kurti is good enough with the combination of the organza and laces.


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