PlayStation Portal Remote Player – PlayStation 5

$ 158

  • PlayStation Entryway distant player showing as robot on screen
  • Wonderful 8″ LCD screen
  • Take in each staggering subtlety of your fundamental games genuinely on a gloriously lit and brilliant full HD screen.
  • 60fps fit at 1080p goal
  • PlayStation Portal Far away Player can give smooth knowledge at up to 60fps with high picture clearness on its 1080p goal screen3.
  • PlayStation Entry far off player with Heartbeat look at downsized headphones on a table.
  • PlayStation Portal Far away Player and Heartbeat Explore distant headphones sold independently.


PlayStation Portal Far off Player gives you enlistment to the games on your PS5 over your home Wi-Fi1, allowing you to skip directly into gaming without wanting to play on a television. PlayStation Portal Far away Player can play achievable games you have introduced on your PS5 console, including your #1 game for PS5 and PS42. 

Experience shocking submersion with DualSense far off regulator highlights

Feel the unmistakable force of haptic examination and adaptable triggers in kept up with games4. Responsive vibrations answer your ingame decisions and reenact normal variables. Dynamic obstruction mirrors the sort of relationship with in game various stuff is in select PS5 games.

Get gaming quick

PlayStation Portal Far off Player is a critically arranged gadget zeroed in on conveying a psyche blowing remote play information. That recommends you can turn it on, press a button to interface with your PS5 console and get right to playing with striking pace.

No television expected to play and no parlor required

Since PlayStation Portal Far away Player grants you to stream games over your home Wi-Fi1, you can play your PS5 console notwithstanding, when another person is utilizing the television it’s connected with. In a general sense switch on PlayStation Portal™ Far off Player and you’re all set. With PlayStation Portal Far away Player on your home Wi-Fi connection1, you have more conspicuous adaptability to play in any room where you live1 with no television required. Might you have to continue to play while you’re in the kitchen eating? Pull out all the stops!


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