Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon Silver Smart Ring Sleep Tracking & Heart Rate Fitness Tracker

$ 350

LEDs: Green, red, and infrared LEDs for measuring daytime and workout heart rates.

Temperature Sensors: Extra negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensors for skin temperature differences, enabling Cycle Insights and improved illness detection.

IR Sensor: Additional IR sensor to enhance accuracy by compensating for ring alignment.

Accelerometers: Detect daily activity, steps, and common workout types.

Charger: Gen3 charger with color-coded LEDs for improved charging status displays.

Sleep Tracking: Detailed analysis of sleep patterns.

Heart Rate Tracking: 24/7 tracking of daytime, nighttime, and workout heart rates.

Integration: Compatible with third-party health and wellness apps like Strava.

Temperature Monitoring: Advanced temperature monitoring.

Blood Oxygen Sensing: SpO2 monitoring.

Insights: Cycle Insights, Pregnancy Insights, Daytime Stress, and Resilience.

Activity Tracking: Dynamic activity goals with Automatic Activity Detection.

Reports: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and anniversary reports.

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The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon – Silver – Size 6 – Smart Ring is a wearable device designed for tracking various health metrics. The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon – Silver – Size 6 – Smart Ring is a comprehensive health tracking device that offers accurate and detailed insights into various aspects of health and wellness. The accuracy of the Oura Ring’s sleep tracking features has been extensively studied and debated. The Oura Ring’s sleep staging accuracy is mixed. Oura has conducted several validation studies to ensure the accuracy of its sleep tracking. While the Oura Ring’s sleep tracking may not be entirely accurate, it can still provide useful insights and recommendations for improving sleep. The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon comes with advanced features and specifications designed to track various health metrics accurately.

Design and Comfort

The ring is made of titanium, making it lightweight, non-allergenic, and water-resistant. It is designed to be comfortable to wear all day, even while sleeping.

Tracking Features

The Oura Ring tracks sleep, activity, recovery, and stress levels. It also monitors heart rate and provides detailed insights through the Oura Membership app.

Battery Life

The ring has a battery life of 5-7 days, making it convenient for extended use without frequent recharging.

Size and Sizing Kit

The ring comes in various sizes, and Oura offers a free 3D-printed sizing kit to help customers find the perfect fit. The kit includes eight plastic ring sizers from size 6 to 13.

Membership and Integration

The Oura Membership app is required for full functionality, and it offers a free trial period. The app integrates with over 40 other health and fitness apps, including Apple Health and Google Health Connect.

Return Policy

Amazon offers free returns for the Oura Ring, allowing customers to return the item for any reason in new and unused condition.


The Oura Ring is eligible for use with HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) funds for the ring, additional chargers, and shipping.



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