HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband & Universal Socket Grip

$ 10

  • High harness vanadium steel
  • Ballistic polyester
  • Support of 10 strong magnets
  • Holding to small pockets
  • Standard size upto 1/4 inches to ¾ inches
  • Loosing and tightening ability 
  • Holding of small metal objects tools and accessories
  • Key for DIY projects
  • Supportive to home repairs
  • Also called the magnetic wristbands type
  • It can embedded along super strong magnets
  • Right made up of 1680 specific polyester  
  • Lighted weighted and durability
  • Ideal for variety of tasks for all DIY projects
  • Supportive to use as gadget for drilling and carry screws
  • Torque exceeds of 125 punds is as suitable for multiple application
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When it comes to fulfill the duties in short period of time then lots of things comes in mind to complete the target in a proper way during the meantime. So as like that for the DIY projects people use to take lots of gadgets for fulfilling the target in time, we are talking about HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband & Universal Socket Grip which is the best fitting for your hand arm to carry those things on high top roof, hanging with string or climbing with small screws, nuts and bolts.

It is HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband & Universal Socket Grip very much beneficial for different sort of fields like, electrition, plumber, carpenter or the meson. You can also follow here the importance and specification of HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband & Universal Socket Grip to make a part of your life.


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