Alexa Built-in Waterproof Smartwatch for Men Women with 1.83 HD Fitness Tracker

$ 60

Display: 1.69″ 1 or 1.8″  color TFT-LCD touchscreen display

Resolution: 240×280  or 240×284

Battery: 300mAh rechargeable battery 

Fully charge: 2-2.5 hours to 

Type: Magnetic charging 

Connectivity: Bluetooth for iOS 9.0+ and Android 6.0+ 


  • Heart rate sensor 
  • Accelerometer for activity tracking 
  • SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen measurement 
  • Multi-motion activity sensors 

Water Resistance: IP68 water and dust resistant 



The Fitness Tracker smartwatch  has Alexa built-in, can answer/make calls, tracks fitness metrics like heart rate and sleep, and is compatible with iOS and Android. It has an IP68 waterproof rating but the display size is not mentioned. The smart watch from the first result  can answer/make calls, has fitness tracking features like heart rate monitoring, is waterproof, and works with iOS and Android phones. However, it does not explicitly mention Alexa or the display size.

Many of the Samsung Galaxy Watch models  like the Watch6 and Watch5 series have robust fitness tracking capabilities, are water-resistant, have decent display sizes around 1.3-1.4 inches, and work across platforms. But they do not have Alexa integration or call answering functionality out of the box. So while there are smartwatches that meet several of the requirements like fitness tracking, waterproofing, cross-platform compatibility, and call handling, I could not find one in the results that ticks all the boxes including a large 1.83″ display and Alexa integration specifically.



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