OnePlus 12 Approaches Android 15 Launches in Beta

OnePlus 12 Approaches Android 15 Launches in Beta

Android 15 Beta has been released for several OnePlus devices, including the OnePlus 12. The OnePlus 12 is one of the first non-Pixel devices to get the Android 15 Beta, and the full stable update should arrive in the coming months as part of OxygenOS 15. OnePlus is known for its fast Android update cadence. OnePlus is offering Android 15 Beta for users to try on their OnePlus 12 and other supported devices. The OnePlus 12 is expected to get the full Android 15 update later this year, likely in Q4 2024. OnePlus has a history of rolling out Android updates quickly after Google releases them for Pixel devices. The Android 15 Beta brings some changes like predictive back gesture animation improvements and removal of the notification cooldown feature. OnePlus is also planning UI changes for OxygenOS 15 based on Android 15, including lock screen customization and always-on display options. It brings a range of improvements and new capabilities to the Android platform.

The New Features in Android 15

  • Satellite Connectivity Support

Android 15 natively integrates satellite connectivity, making it easier for OEMs to implement this technology on supported devices. This allows users to connect to satellites for emergency messaging or regular text messaging in areas without cellular coverage.

  • Notification Cooldown

Android 15 will gradually lower the volume of successive notifications from the same app, preventing constant bombardment of alerts.

  • Sensitive Notifications

The OS can distinguish regular messages from those containing sensitive information like one-time passwords. It will automatically hide confidential details from other apps, improving privacy and security.

  • Improved Webcam Mode

Android 15 enhances the ability to use smartphones as high-quality webcams when paired with a Windows 11 PC, improving on the low image quality in Android 14.

  • Optimizations for Foldable Phones

The update further optimizes Android for foldable devices, including improved continuity where apps retain their state when switching between cover and main displays. A new taskbar is introduced for large-screen foldables.

The Security Improvements in Android 15

Android 15 introduces significant security improvements to enhance user protection and privacy. Here are some key security enhancements highlighted in the Android 15 Beta 1 release:

  • Wallet Role for Financial Transactions

    Android 15 Beta 1 introduces a new “wallet” role that adds an extra layer of security for financial transactions, ensuring users’ peace of mind when using their devices for payments and other sensitive operations.

  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Security

    Users can now disable connections to Wi-Fi networks secured by the older and less secure WEP protocol through the “allow WEP networks” toggle under Settings.

  • Cellular Network Security Settings

    Android 15 Beta 1 includes a dedicated “cellular network security” settings page that provides users with toggles for “security notifications” and “require encryption.” This feature gives users more control over anti-stingray protection features, enhancing cellular network security.

  • Privacy Sandbox Updates

    Android 15 features an updated version of Privacy Sandbox, restricting what user data websites and apps can use for targeted digital advertising. This initiative aims to improve user privacy by limiting data usage for advertising purposes.

  • End-to-End Encryption for Contact Keys

    Android 15 feature enhances privacy and security by protecting sensitive contact data.

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