Objective Behind “Honesty is the best Policy” story

Objective Behind “Honesty is the best Policy” story

Table of Contents

    • Overview
    • The Story of Honesty is the best Policy
    • Objective Behind Honesty is the best Policy
    • Integration of Honesty is the best policy in Business
    • A sense of trust
    • Longer Relationship 
    • Better Reputation
    • Legality and Ethics
    • Stability and Better Culture
    • Conclusion


Honesty is the best policy is the phrase with which we all are well familiar. This is something which is taught to students and children at the earlier stage of their life. Which reflects their something spectacular message hidden in this phrase which needs to be taught at the earlier stage of mind and should be remembered throughout the life journey for the betterment of individual and society. So, in this informative and interactive article we will discuss the purpose, objective behind Honesty is the policy story with its uses and integration in the professional life.

The Story of Honesty is the best Policy

There are multiple narrations of this phrase or story. In different regions every region has its own way of narration and story under the heading honesty is the best policy.  The most common story is the story of a boy named Tim who finds a bag full of gold in the forest. Tim lived in a village and a bag full of gold was something enough for him. But Tim didn’t make any changes in the amount of gold in the bag because he knew that keeping the gold for himself would be dishonest and he cannot afford taking benefit from someone else’s loss. Tim was determined to find the right owner of the gold bag. He found the right owner of the bag by visiting door to door. 

Eventually Tim reached at old house where an old woman was looking for a bag full of gold which she lost somewhere. The women told Tim that she has been saving those gold coins from years but she dropped her bag while walking through the village. Women was amazed and overwhelmed with the gratitude from the young boy Tim. Women offered some gold to Tim for his integrity and generosity, But Tim declined the proposal of gold from women and considered his act as obligation. With this Tim became more famous and popular within his village for his honesty and truthfulness. So, the moral of the story is Honesty is the best policy.   

Objective Behind Honesty is the best Policy

The idea, Objective behind honesty is the best policy is that telling truth and being transparent always pays you back. The objective of the story is to embark the principle in the mind of the students and people that loyalty and truth is the basic and only option for being successful in life. If we look into the story then we will find out that main character is offered multiple options of bribery but he stands honest and transparent though these offers. He faces multiple dilemmas and challenges and he tested whether he chooses truth loyalty or try to trick the situation. And by choosing right and trustful path he succeeds at the end. Then this character is shown hero in the moral. So, the objective of honesty is the best policy become clear to everyone that whenever you face a double meaning path or situation you must stand with right and justice and at the end you will reach to the success. 

Integration of Honesty is the best policy in Business

The most suitable usage or integration of honesty is the best is in the professional life or Business. So, in the next paragraphs we will discuss the usefulness of this phrase in businesses.

A sense of trust

This principle creates a sense of trust and confidence between the employee and the employers. When employee, customer or client will trust your words there are more chances that they will be more engaged with the business. 

Longer Relationship 

There is no doubt in the fact that with trust and honesty the relationship gets stronger. This results in building of long-term relationships in both personal and professional life. Better relationship with the services and products offered in the businesses.

Better Reputation

As evident in the story Honesty is the best Policy is a principle which once you adapt, they will automatically boost up your personality. In professional life or business reputation is everything. A good reputation of a company, brand, product always gives countless benefits and perks. Similarly on the other hand a bad reputation can ruin the overall image and status of that particular company or profession in the market.

Legality and Ethics

Honesty is the best policy is endorsed by the compliance department of many multinational companies as well. Because this principle is parallel with the general rules of compliance and ethics. To make your dealings crystal clear and transparent it is very important for every company or organization to be honest with the legal financial matters in terms of profitability and investments. This reduces the risks of legal disputes, fines and overall damage to the business.

Stability and Better Culture

Last but not the least, Honesty and truth brings stability in the businesses. It also maintains an overall great culture of honesty and dignity. It motivates every new comer in that particular company and keeps him aware that this company or business has values of honesty and clearance in their every legal and professional matters. Because a good culture is very important and it defines the overall repute of any organization or company in terms of stability and compliance.


To conclude, Honesty is the best policy is not a phrase which is limited to books and stories, but it is a universal principle which we all need to understand and adopt. This article is highlighting the integration of honesty is the best policy in personal and professional lives. There are multiple benefits of being loyal in the professionals’ matters. This principle is very helpful for improving the better reputation of your business.

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