makafat e amal meaning in urdu

Makafat-e-Amal (مکافاتِ عمل) meaning in Urdu?

“مُکافاتِ عَمَل” in Urdu translates to “rewards of deeds” in English. It refers to the consequences or rewards that result from one’s actions or deeds, often used in religious or moral contexts to signify the outcomes of one’s behavior or conduct.

  • عمل کا بدلہ، (عموماً) گناہ کی سزا، کیے کی سزا

Retribution واپسی
Retributive مکافاتی
Retributively سزا یا جزا کے طور پر
Retributory مکافاتی
Rewards for action  عمل کا بدلہ

Makafat-e-Amal Bayen


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