ProsourceFit Ankle/Wrist and Arm/Leg Weights Set of 2

$ 19

  • Versatile weight with removable iron pellet packs
  • Velcro tie for a safe, exclusively fit
  • Lower leg loads sold two by two
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro ties, iron pellet filling
  • Care: Spot clean with sensitive synthetic

The critical Velcro lash changes with strikingly fit you. The ring end gets loads set up for most silly security during works out.

  • Delicate AND Satisfying 

Made with delicate neoprene material is to guarantee back during works out. The neoprene material keeps stacks away from slipping around from sweat.

  • FULL BODY Exercise 

Wearable weights add extra security from your leg exercises, arm and center activities. Shape and tone your whole body without abnormal hand loads or flexible burdens. 

  • Portable WEIGHT 

Each lower leg weight has 5 removable iron pellet bundles to change your obstruction weight to oblige your objectives. Train at the heaviest weight level or move gradually up from most diminished weight level.

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ProsourceFit Versatile Lower leg Weights are a wonderful, smooth methodology for adding extra security from your home exercises. Scrutinize 15 lb, 10 lb, or 7 lb sets of weights. For additional original exercises, truly change the load on each lower leg with the 5 removable iron pellet packs. These game-plans of leg loads are a wonderful action for people in the rec center or at home. Further foster your activity community plan normal practice or consume somewhat even more all during your opportunity to everyday arrangement with these wearable weights. Weight can be added or cleared out ceaselessly with the 5 removable iron pellet bunches on each lower leg. Add more punch to fundamental activities like strolling, bobbing, leg, and arm works out!

California’s Proposition 65 Reproach: This thing can open you to designed substances including lead, which is known to the Region of California to cause disease. For extra data


Increment the force of your exercises and see quicker results by adding ProsourceFit Lower leg Weights to your cardio, plyometric, strolling, dance, or weightlifting plan. Going from one to five pounds, these solace fit loads wrap cautiously around your lower legs to securely add extra protection from tone and shape your lower body. Turn essential activities like strolling, skipping, influencing, lively action, or leg lifts into muscle-building and calorie-consuming new developments. Whether trying to get more fit, fix or restore after wounds, lower leg loads give an extra test and permit you to gradually and securely increment the store as you progress.


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