ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

$ 25

  • Assists with relieving pressure, migraines, consumption, a resting issue, strain, back torment, and muscle hurts
  • Increments circulation system and works with neck torment
  • Pressure point rub mat has 6,210 strain point rub focuses. Neck pad has 1,782 strain point rub focuses
  • Delivered utilizing 100 percent amazing thick cotton and plant-based eco froth
  • Evaluations: Mat: 26 ½”L x 16 ½” W; Cushion: 14 ¾”L x 5 ¾”H
  • Weight: 1.8 lb
  • Material: Inside: Froth; Outside: 100 percent cotton; ABS plastic for spikes
  • Care, 
  • Store your Strain point focus on Mat and Pad a cool, 
  • Dry spot, 
  • To clean, 
  • Discard the Sfroth place and cautiously hand wash the cotton cover

You may likewise turn the cotton cover back to front to clean. Take the necessary steps not to machine wash or dry, as this could hurt the strain point buttons. Spill dries so to speak.

  • California’s Thought 65 Mindfulness

This thing can open you to fabricated substances including styrene, which is known to the District of California to cause hazardous turn of events. 

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A bed of needles may not sound attracting, yet when you experience its advantages, you probably shouldn’t leave it! The ProsourceFit Strain point rub Mat and Pad set is an immediate bed of 6,210 strain point rub focuses that mitigates pressure, reinforce endorphins, decline torment, and expansion energy. The ProsourceFit Strain point work Mat and Pad Set takes needle treatment and changes it into a clear, at-home response for unsettling influence, heartiness, devastation, a resting issue, and that is just the beginning. The cotton mat obliges your whole back as you rests, and a satisfying neck cushion is solidified to encounter out and out additional observable advantages of strain point manipulate. The plastic habitats reinforce course to work with a throbbing horrifying quality, discharge endorphins, increment energy, and help with restoring your body. Your will rapidly become familiar with the energy of the spikes and view it as a loosening up encounter. Just rests for 20 minutes out of every day for a facilitating, ordinary correcting experience.


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