Lunix LX5 4pcs Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow Set

$ 134

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While other bed wedge cushions are nonsensically firm and strange, neglect to ease post-activity torment or slide down making it trying to nod off or loosen up in a hopelessness free position, the Lunix LX5 4pcs Strong Bed Wedge Pad Set is made of cost 45D flexible padding to rapidly adjust to your body shape and level. The head cushion’s important Velcro tie upsets slipping and gives broadened lengths of solace. Young people can see the worth in it besides! You merit simple and loosening up days! To recuperate speedier after shoulder, hip or, rotator sleeve activity, dispose of lower back torment, muscle fits, or wheezing, and diminish indigestion or GERD, Lunix has organized the best strong wedge cushions! Regardless to rest, read or simply fight front of the television considerably more tenderly, you will feel the wonders of a brand name upstanding spine blueprint on your tight neck, lower back, or hips. It correspondingly solidifies a gel pack for power and cold treatment.

  • Our central goal is to work on your prosperity

The LX5 cost seat wedge cushions have been endeavored post-activity by in excess of 500 experts to guarantee a satisfying leaned back position. Our diminished head cushion (2.9″) discharges neck pressure and the higher knee rest permits full-body relaxing. The included hot/cold pack can ease torment in any body part. Overlook joint bothering torment in a concise second: “These cushions are persuading!”

  • The best gift for a friend or relative

Assuming you are searching for an exceptional gift that has a regular presence further making part, then, at that point, you would regard our flexible padding sit-up pad for bed. The 100 percent versatile course of action is appropriate for ladies and men of any level and the standard launderable cover is particularly smooth on your skin. You can remember it for bed, on the parlor seat, and on the floor without sliding down. We unite 2 vacuum packs to make dealing with issue free.

  • You merit clearly the best quality

We are a family-ensured business organized in CA and we particularly respect furnishing as of late endeavored and premium things with one year guarantee and stunning U.S.- based client organization for our area focused Americans. We organized the bed back help with watchfulness to bring help from bother and relaxing into your ordinary everyday timetable.


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